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How safe is your pest & termite extermination?

The priority of A-1 Pest & Termite is to protect your family and your property. Our technicians are trained & tested professional exterminators. And we keep ourselves educated about the latest and safest methods of pest control. Our objective is to use IPM and other non-chemical controls. Our indoor pest applications use low-to-no-odor microencapsulate products. Our termite services employ the safest available applications. The products are applied per label. Our pest programs are much safer to your environment than unsanitary and venomous pests (like cockroaches and the Brown Recluse Spider).

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is the process of using all methods, chemical and non-chemical, to manage pests. For example, rodents may be controlled with traps, baits, sealing access and entry points, removal of food sources, and sanitation. Even getting a cat could be a control measure for rodents. IPM considers all available methods & then we employ the best of those controls.

Why do I see more pests after an application?

Many pest companies may use repellent pesticides that push insects from the places they hide. Additionally, over-the-counter pesticides are usually repellent, and they aren't strong enough to eliminate the targeted pest. When these products are applied and bugs are "flushed" from the cracks and crevices, more pests become visible. At A-1 Pest, we typically do not use repellent insecticides in standard indoor applications. Our products are specifically targeted to the specific pest and perimeter applications to reduce the insect population and create an external barrier restricting pest entry.

Professional pest service vs. Do it Yourself Pest

It is possible to successfully do your own pest control using "over the counter" measures. We have, at times, coached home owners in self-applied methods. Conversely, the obvious reasons for using a professional pest company include: Proper Safety and Application Training, Licensed and Insured for Accountability, Specific Pest Experience and Control Measures, plus the Proper Equipment to correctly make the application. When you compare the cost of multiple products, with initial and follow-up services, plus safety training, insurance, and license, the cost and the risk is usually less with a professional service.

Explain the ODAFF (or WDO) Inspection Report?

ODAFF Reports are inspections for real estate transactions. The purpose is to visually inspect for termites and other wood destructive organisms. This inspection often confuses both home owners and some pest technicians about what the report provides. It is not a "pass or fail" service. The report is simply a reflection observations to the buyer, seller, lender, or agent. It covers VISIBLE evidence for the structure, as is, at the date of inspection. It is not, by itself, a warranty. The inspection should be performed by a Licensed Professional Company. Beware of termite inspectors without a pest license or without termite experience.

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