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Ants & Carpenter Ant Spraying for Tulsa OK

Carpenter Ants come in a variety of sizes and colors. These can often be identified as the big black ants around the exterior and on your trees, although they can be other colors & sizes at various life stages. Carpenter Ants damage wood in a manner similar to termites. A symptom of carpenter ants will typically be recurring dirt or dust in your window sills. Other ant species can be dangerous, damaging, or simply annoying. Sugar ants, Little Black Ants, and Crazy Ants may invade your pantry, cabinets, and other areas of your home, looking for food, water, and shelter from the storm. Pharaoh Ants are creamy, brown ants that move into your home and travel along plumbing, wiring, and wall voids to establish a colony that invades all of your house. A-1 American Pest we are Anti - Ant. We have a Pest Control Exterminating Program that will solve your Ant Problem. Call Us At: (918) 355-5752

Tulsa Carpenter Ant Spraying

Crickets, Ants, and Annoying Perimeter Pests

Crickets are not a pesky bug until you can't sleep because of their incessant chirping. Ants don't typically bother us if they remain outside and mind their own business. Whether it is an outbreak of June Bugs or an invasion of Army Worms, , Our Exterior Pest Spraying will give you relief from crickets, beetles, milipedes, roly-polies and even the ever-annoying ants. We offer Quarterly Pest Servicesfor inside & outside, or we offer the service as an exterior only treatment. In addition, we can create a tailor-made pest service, and we even offer our exterminating as a one-time pest spray. We Get The Bugs Out!

Tulsa Roach Spraying Cabinet Moth

Roaches, Moths, and Pantry Pest Exterminator

Moths in the Pantry? Mealy Bugs in the cereal? Grain Beetles in the flour or rice? Roaches crawling the countertops? These pantry pests can be disgusting and diseased. Cockroaches are one of the largest causes of asthma related illness.They can quickly spread to other parts of the home. Our Pest Control Technicians are experts at getting rid of these pests. We offer One-Shot Pest Services, Quarterly Exterminating, and Annual Pest Control Treatments for all these bugs. All of our pest programs are designed to protect your home, your family, and your property for just a few dollars per day. And, we are often able to give you a Quote on the Phone: (918) 355-5752

Tulsa Pest Control Treatments

Rodents, Silverfish, & Other Pest Services

Rats & Mice carry disease, damage the home structure, cause electrical shortages (& fires), plus they can spread fleas and create other pest problems. Many pandemic level dieases, i.e. The Black Plague can be traced back rodents, the infected fleas they carry, and unsanitary conditions they create. The fecal matter and urine left behind by mice and rats, contaminate at every step they take. The need for constant gnawing and chewing damages the wiring, the walls, the ceiling, and the insulation at your home and office. At A-1 Pest, we offer Rodent Exterminating as a stand-alone service, or we can add it to any of our pest service programs. Other insects and bugs, like silverfish, earwigs, drain flies, etc. all have their own way to annoy us, and even damage our property. At A-1 Pest, The Bug Stops Here! Call: (918) 355-5752

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