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A Bed Bug Epidemic: The Blood Sucking Pests

Once thought of as more of a children's fairy tale, bed bugs have become a real pest of almost epidemic proportions. Bedbugs, ticks, fleas, and other biting insects all have one thing in common; they need blood to survive and reproduce. Although these pests can be transported in suitcases, clothing, and backpacks, there are many cases of folks finding them in brand new furniture. Any home, even large, expensive homes, may fall victim to a bedbug infestation. We have treated small houses, big houses, older houses, and even newly built houses for bed bugs. We have even found bedbug problems in residences vacuumed and cleaned daily by housekeepers. Bedbugs come from yard sales, flea markets, purses, and diaper bags, but most often overseas travel and foreign manufacturing are the biggest culprits. Call for Service Specials

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Bed Bug Solutions and Treatment Alternatives

There are many different BedBug Treatment options; Call a different pest control company and get a different bedbug treatment proposal. At A-1 American Pest Services, we are licensed and experienced to perform all of the industry standard bed bug applications. Almost 100% of the time, our recommended bed bug treatment employs a combination of heat and spraying. We apply a flushing product to push the bedbugs out of hiding, residual products to kill bed bugs even after the treatment is applied, and we use the industry standard heating level to the treatment areas. Preparation is key to the success of bedbug elimination as well. Typically, when an occupant has followed our preparation steps, and we use our standard bedbug heat & spray service, only one application plus a follow-up inspection does the complete job. Our promise is to do our very best to get you back on track for a GOOD NIGHT's SLEEP! Get quote at: (918) 355-5752

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No Biting Allowed: Help With Other Pests

A-1 American Pest works hard to keep your family, and your home, free from pest that bite & suck your blood. Whether it is spiders creeping around your home, ants crawling on your counters, or fleas & ticks invading your carpets (or yard), we are your front line of defense. Our pest control applications for bed bugs, spiders, ants, and pests like fleas & ticks. Check out our: Seasonal Specials

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